Hope for Style. Hope for the Planet. Hope for You.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Hope, we call it responsible sourcing. We set out to create a collection of wearable pieces made from the best quality yarns and fabrics allowing you to buy better and buy less i.e. investment dressing  

We have always been about quality and timeless style. We like to let our clothes speak for themselves and give you quality you can feel. What the clothes can’t say is that many of our styles are sustainable too. The whole of our bestselling Foundation range is sustainably sourced and much of our knitwear is made from recycled yarns. We believe what is best for the planet is also best for you.

Designed to last - beautifully

Hope is about feeling confident every day - not fast fashion. More slow fashion. Our collections draw inspiration from current trends, each piece is designed to find new life from season to season. We create the clothes for you to build a wardrobe for life, from the Foundation up (‘scuse the pun!). Layer, mix and match, dress up, dress down - the possibilities are endless. Our high-quality, long-lasting collections reduce waste and give you wearable glamour year after year. Sign up to our emails and follow #HopebyMe for styling inspiration from the team and other Hope customers.

100% Made in Italy - Always

All our collections are produced in Italy by family-run factories that we’ve known and worked with for many years. For us, sustainability means responsible sourcing. Our customers deserve the best - and so do our suppliers. We’ve worked hands-on with the fruition of our designs since the beginning, and before Covid hit, regularly visiting Prado, the heart of the Italian textile industry, to create the collections - which, we’re not going to lie, was no hardship! Hope has gone from strength to strength throughout Covid, with our AW21 collection double the size of last year’s season, a testament to the strong working relationships we have with our Italian manufacturers - even over Zoom! We trust and respect our suppliers and the results are clear to see in the craftsmanship of our clothing.

Foundation Collection – easy to wear, easy on your conscience

Our bestselling Foundation Collection, featuring all you need to get dressed in the morning, from layering vests to comfort trousers, is endlessly comfortable to wear, flattering, breathable, and washes brilliantly.

100% of the fabric used for the Foundation Collection is sourced from Eurojersey in Milan whose raison d'être centres around sustainable production. They employ special procedures and technologies to reduce water, energy and chemical consumption in order to cut down on waste and carbon emissions and for many years they have partnered with several major environmental protection programmes including the World Land Trust and WWF Italia.

Wrapped Up with Love, and Recyclable Packaging!

We take pride in creating every parcel we send out to customers - after all, our clothes are a present to yourself, from yourself. We carefully wrap everything using recycled and recyclable packaging - no plastic! Even our Sale bags are made from sugar cane, one of the greenest products on the market and fully recyclable.

We’re committed to reducing Hope’s impact on the planet, and are always working to increase the sustainability of our range.



All garments have ‘Made in Italy’ back neck label proudly displaying their country of origin



50% of our collections are made from locally sourced yarns and fabrics



100% of our knitwear is made using Italian Yarn.



30% of knitwear is made from recycled yarns, with a target to reach 50% in the next 12 months.